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Management CPC Changes 2012

From 4th December this year, the shape of the Management CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) will be changing.

We would like to inform you of four important items about the future of the CPC, as set down by the new legislation and also by the Department for Transport.

  1. As per the new legislation, the International and National CPC will merge. This means that after the December 2011 session, all candidates who take the CPC will be examined in relation to both International and National content (EC 1071/2009. Introduction, item 11)
  2. The DfT have confirmed that OCR is allowed to offer the current International examinations (current units 6 & 7) alongside the new provision. OCR plans to offer these examinations for a minimum of a year, to allow candidates who have achieved the National CPC to ‘top up’ to the International CPC without restarting the new qualification
  3. The DfT have stipulated that candidates who have only partially achieved a National CPC by December 2011 (for example, have achieved units 1 and 2, but not 4, or 1 and 5, but not 3) will not be able to carry forward those achievements to the new qualifications. Candidates with only partial achievement will need to complete the new qualification in full
  4. The rules for claiming grandfather rights are changing. In due course, VOSA will be in touch with all grandfather rights holders currently named on O-licences to set out the new arrangements.

Story By: Derek Broomfield
Information by: Novadata
Email: [email protected]

As a result of these changes we at Braim’s Transport Services are offering the National Freight management CPC in conjunction with Novadata TAB. The course is to be held in Milton Keynes for 5 days starting on Monday 7th November.

For more information or to book a place please contact Novadata on 01376 552999 quoting Braim’s Transport Services.

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